RANSBURG ELECTRO-PAINTERS  ON-SITE...Overnight! To the colours of your choice!

For only a fraction of the cost of new furniture Ransburg Electro-Painters can convert your old surroundings to like-new, overnight, over weekends, or even during holiday periods without any disruption to work time. 
Do not confuse other methods of re-spraying with the Electro-Painters Way. Our unique combination of special preparation, "Electro-Glaze' and the electrostatic process gives a finish as durable as the original. "Electro-Glaze" also meets safety specifications not reached by most others. 
Unique electrostatic process and our highly trained crew, we can transform a mundane and dreary office scene into a clearly refreshing area in which to work.  AND ITS ALL DONE FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST OF NEW FURNITURE.  After years of use, office furniture tends to become worn and unattractive. Yet other than the drab appearance the furniture may be basically sound. AND THATS WHERE WE COME IN!  Ransburg Electro-Painters will re-spray any item of your metal furniture overnight . . .without removing a thing.
In those instances where it is inconvenient to spray on site, or whereonly a few pieces are involved, respraying can be carried out in our modern factory.
before afterItems we can re-spray include:  
• Compactus Units
• Plan Files
• Elevator Doors 
• Safes 
• Filing Cabinets 
• Fences 
• Desks 
• Stationery Cupboards  
• Shop Fronts