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Belzona is the world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative polymeric repair and maintenance products.
There unconventional approaches to the problems of abrasion, wear, erosion-corrosion, mechanical/impact damage, chemical attack, and environmental damage.

Metallic Polymers, Magma Polymers, Elastomeric Polymers, Environmental Polymers, Polymeric Membranes and Belesta Series

Belzona 1111 Super Metal - Machinable, rebuilding grade productMachinable, rebuilding grade product
Belzona 1121 Super XL Metal - Machinable, extended lift rebuilding grade product
Belzona 1131 Bearing Metal - Machinable, self-lubricating rebuilding grade product
Belzona 1211 E-Metal - Machinable, rapid curing, emergency repair product
Belzona 1221 Super E-Metal - Machinable, rapid curing, emergency repair product
Belzona 1251 HA-Metal - Single component, heat-activated product Rebuilding & coating
Belzona 1311 Ceramic R-Metal - Erosion/corrosion resistant rebuilding grade product
Belzona 1321 Ceramic S-Metal Erosion/corrosion resistant coating
Belzona 1341 Supermetalgide - Efficiency enhancement coating
Belzona 1391 Ceramic HT Metal - High temperature erosion/corrosion coating
Belzona 1521 HTS1 - For spray-applied protection form high temperature coatings
Belzona 1591 Ceramic HT Metal - Ultra high temperature erosion/corrosion resistant coating
Belzona 1811 Ceramic Carbide - & Belzona 1812 Ceramic Carbide FP - Abrasion resistant lining material